“I thank God every day for this incredible blessing called motherhood.”

Interview with Ava’s mom:

What was your pregnancy like?

“Since we already have two daughters that keeps us very busy, this pregnancy went by extremely fast!  I had less time to focus on being pregnant and prepare.  But by the third one, I was more relaxed about it and knew that we would have the necessities in place by the due date.  It was so awesome to see the excitement and anticipation for our daughters, especially when they could feel the baby moving and were ready for her to “come out.”

Has the journey to pregnancy been different than you expected?  How so?

“This time, it took us a lot longer to get pregnant than the previous two, so I really soaked in all of the joy and privilege of being blessed with another baby girl.”

baby girl with sisters in Frisco newborn photography session

newborn girl with sisters at newborn session

baby girl with family at Frisco newborn photography session

baby girl with parents at newborn session

What has surprised you most about motherhood so far?

“Motherhood is the most challenging, yet rewarding journey I have ever encountered.  Since my children range from 7 years old down to a newborn, I can say that each stage is busy and fun in a different way.  I truly enjoy the instant bond that is so special between a mother and her baby (no matter the age!).  There is no better feeling than satisfying a need that only a mother can provide.  And watching them grow and change and learn is so gratifying.  I thank God every day for this incredible blessing called motherhood.”

What have the first few days with the baby at home been like?

“The first few days at home went well.  I seemed to recover faster with each pregnancy.  It’s amazing how much more relaxed I was…by the third time, we had it down.  We had lots of snuggles and took time to enjoy the newness and sweetness of a bundled-up baby (she loves to be swaddled!).  The older girls also had their fair share of snuggles and take pride in “helping” take care of their little sister – running to get diapers and burp cloths and picking out the next outfit.  With school starting and activities for the older two, life didn’t slow down for long, but we are very fortunate to have grandparents nearby and eager to help out!”

baby girl sleeping in brass bed at Frisco newborn photography session

What is your favorite little detail about your baby?

“Some of my favorite details about our new baby girl (since I have many!) are the sweet “squeaky” noises she makes, how she stretches during diaper changes, and when she is perfectly nestled up on someone’s chest.”

Any advice for other new moms out there?

“The main advice I would give a new mom is to slow down and enjoy this precious time, for they grow incredibly fast!  Sleep when the baby sleeps (even though it’s hard to do when it feels like that’s the only time to get stuff done – but it can wait!  Snuggle up with him/her).  Accept help when it’s offered and don’t be afraid to ask for it when needed. And most importantly, realize that no one is perfect…do the best job you can and enjoy this new adventure.  Take time to put all of the chores on the side and spend time/play with your children – you can’t get it back.”

baby girl sleeping in flower wreath at newborn sessiom

closeup of baby girl sleeping in wreath at Frisco newborn photography session


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