“I had a dream about what my baby would look like – he was cuter than I dreamt.”

Interview with Evansh’s mom:

What was your pregnancy like?

“Throughout the 39 weeks and 5 days, it was wonderful. I was one of those lucky ladies who doesn’t have any pregnancy “side effects”. All I had was excessive hunger and I added 70 lbs by the end of the pregnancy. In my point of view, weight gain was not so concerning; I am so determined that I can shed my excessive weight in a year. I am working towards my dream weight.”

How did the siblings find out and their reaction?

“My first kid is a four legged fur baby. I didn’t “say” anything to her. She just sniffed my belly, looked into my eyes and just laid her head on my tummy. This happened at week twelve.”

Frisco Newborn Photography family photo

Frisco newborn photography family photo

Frisco Newborn Photography family session

What was it to see the baby for the first time?

“Well, the first time he looked like a little gummy bear at week 7.5 and had a racing heart beat. I had an unplanned c section. So I didn’t get to do skin to skin or breast feed him as I planned. The first thing I saw in him was his half opened sparkling eyes. But then they were closed and he was rushed to the NICU and was diagnosed with severe Meconium Aspiration Syndrome. It was beyond my worst case imagination. But I did get to touch his little fingers on his right hand. I believed it was God and today’s technology that kept me so strong and positive throughout his stay at NICU. I did my first skin to skin on day seven.”

Did your baby look like what you expected?

“I had a dream about what my baby would look like; he is cuter than what I dreamt. My hubby dreamt that I gave birth to a baby otter that night we were seeing baby animal videos and looks like it impacted him 😂 Everyone was expecting the baby to have my hazel eyes, he got his dad’s beautiful elongated eyes and eye lashes.”

Frisco Newborn Photography baby photo

Frisco Newborn Photography baby photo

Frisco newborn photography baby photo

What has surprised you the most about motherhood?

“Evansh made me realize that I can be a very responsible person too. Though he was a planned child, I was very scared of the responsibilities and constantly had a fear. I am happy that he made me discover my new self – the responsible mommy.”

Favorite little details about my baby?

“His hair. Everyone notices his hair. Hope it is as good as it is now – he has a hair whirl on his forehead exactly like his dad. That’s the first little detail I noticed when I went to see him at the NICU. Evansh is a perfect mixture of his mom and dad.”

Frisco newborn photography baby photo

Frisco Newborn Photography baby photo


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